Welding Rod and it’s Sizes.

Welding Rod
Welding Rod

Welding Electrodes are designed and manufactured for use by professional welders for the process of welding. Welding Electrodes are available in different sizes to fit the requirements of the specific welding process that is to be used. The electrodes are also made in different gauges and thicknesses depending on the size and thickness of materials which they must weld as well as the type and size of welder equipment being used.

Welding electrodes can be used with all welding gases. The larger the electrode, the greater the heat and work penetration, providing a high-quality weld to metal joints. By choosing the right size electrode you can customize the weld to suit your application and expectations.

Stone Bridge Electrode with different rod size.

Here at Perfect Oasis Metals LLC we provide high quality of welding electrodes. Electrodes from Weldon, Stone Bridge & Orange brand are made from high quality raw material. We have different sizes of electrodes for various uses. We even provide all other welding items required for welding.
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